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This service is offered to construction companies. We are currently associated with recognized state builders of Florida. This line of service consists on the cleaning of the houses that are in the process of construction, where windows, ceramic walls, floors, interior cabinets, countertops, and more will be cleaned. Also, press washer for the garage, porch, or wherever is need it in the exterior of the house is available, as well as floor buffer and carpet cleaning.


It is the line of service directed to offices or commercial places. The cleaning service is focused on the good presentation of these places fulfilling customer requirements. The cleaning of these places can be done weekly or as requested by the customer. It is also included in the service provided to the builders with the cleaning of the model houses, the scheduled cleaning is carried out weekly, or as required by the client.


Residential services are provided for occupied houses; this cleaning includes the general cleaning of the house, bathrooms, dusting, floors, kitchen, laundry room and everything required by the customer. It can include press washer if needed, floor buffer, and more.

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